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Book Discussion » Pegasus Series by Kate O'Hearn » 1/20/2017 5:45 PM

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I haven't read the series, but it sounds really good! I think my friend may have recommended it to me like a year ago... I might ask to borrow the books from him when I have time to read them

~18" Doll Discussion » Does anyone know what doll this is? » 1/20/2017 5:38 PM

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YW! I could do a review for you if you want

~18" Doll Discussion » Who is your dream GOTY? » 1/20/2017 5:37 PM

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I've only read Nicki's books, so I'd have to just go by the actual dolls and their collections, but my favorite GOTY has always been Nicki. I'm not really sure why... I just really like the doll and her collection is awesome
I'd say my least favourite is probably Gabriela, but apparently her books are good, so maybe I would have a different opinion if I'd read them.

Girls' Intros » Lydia » 1/20/2017 5:33 PM

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I'm a banana Lydia! Welcome to the MB

Games'n'Stories » Would You Rather... » 1/06/2017 4:02 AM

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My favorite movie 10 times in a row - I wouldn't actually mind for the first few times.
WYR go to a zoo or a cinema?

Randomness Room » What did you get for Christmas? :) » 1/03/2017 5:58 AM

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I got:

(From my parents)
An off-brand Rainbow Loom!:D
Modeling balloons, with an air pump
Phantom of the Opera on DVD (the 25th Anniversary perfromance with Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess)
A jigsaw puzzle
A notebook and a little tin of coloring pencils with a cute bunny on them
A little resin fairy ornament, dressed in blue
Two scented candles (apple and vanilla)
A random little wind-up penguin thing - you turn the knob on its back and it waddles around flapping its wings. It's really cute!
A mini Jenga set for my dolls
Money (I have already used some of it to buy a caligraphy pen set)
And lots of chocolate!

(From other people)
Some books from my friend (he said he was too busy to get me a present, but he found some books he thought I'd like while he was clearing out his room, so he gave them to me and was like, "here, this can be your Christmas present"XD)
A box of Turkish delight from my brother
A really-fluffy-but-kind-of-creepy pair of bed socks that are a size too small from my aunt They're grey with pink pom-poms on top, and they've got little cat faces on the leg part, but the pom-poms honestly make them look more like miceXD

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