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12/01/2013 2:27 PM  #1

Shelock Holmes! :)

Does anyone else like Sherlock Holmes? I've just started reading the stories a few days ago becuase my pet tiger nearly ate me and Nikki likes them, and I think they're so cool! i love how Holmes seems to be emotionless until Watson has a problem - then he's all sympathy! The mysteries are really good!

I'm Lindsay Sommers, and I love The Bionic Woman!

12/02/2013 1:49 PM  #2

Re: Shelock Holmes! :)

I've read some! He's cool!

I'm a banana, I'm Molly Hope McIntire! I'm 12.

12/02/2013 1:56 PM  #3

Re: Shelock Holmes! :)


I'm Lindsay Sommers, and I love The Bionic Woman!
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1/14/2014 9:31 AM  #4

Re: Shelock Holmes! :)

Ehhh... I'm half and half.

I am not crazy, or random. to me it all is natural and normal. 
I am Molly Grace McIntire.  DOLLS ON TOP DOLLS ON TOP!

1/28/2014 12:51 PM  #5

Re: Shelock Holmes! :)

Ooh, I like Sherlock Holmes!

Hello! I'm Sarah, and I'm sixteen. I've lived in England all my life, and I want to be an actress.

2/25/2017 6:04 PM  #6

Re: Shelock Holmes! :)

Pleh. I don't waste time reading

Fashion calls me!
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2/25/2017 7:12 PM  #7

Re: Shelock Holmes! :)

I actually quite like it.

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