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8/05/2013 12:13 PM  #1

Rules for this section

~Do not insult those who have a different opinion. You can disagree without being insulting. (Ex. 'I disagree becuase my pet tiger nearly ate me and ______' is fine. Saying 'That's stupid. Why would you think that???' is not ok.)
~Make sure there's not a thread for the topic you want to debate already.
~ONLY dolls can post here. No girls. (After I make this post, I will not post here ever. I'll let Cindy make sure everyone follows the rules. She's 'in charge'.XD)

That's it.

8/07/2013 11:21 AM  #2

Re: Rules for this section

Ok, I guess I'll be keeping an eye on this section since certain parties who shall be nameless aren't following the rules.
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