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9/21/2016 10:53 AM  #1

What do you want for Christmas?

Brooke wants:
Josefina mini doll
New clothes
Art supplies

Bailey wants:
Kwanzaa Set

Kaelyn wants:
Beanbag Chair
Bird watching set

Carrie wants:
Coloring Book
Fairy wand and wings
Hula Hoop

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10/06/2016 3:58 PM  #2

Re: What do you want for Christmas?

rubber bands for my Rainbow Loom
AG mini Melody
Disney Store toddler/Animator's Collection Moana

What I REALLY want is the 2015 Disney Store limited edition Elsa doll, the one that's wearing the indigo dress Elsa's wearing when she's 18 in the movie, but...

10/06/2016 4:16 PM  #3

Re: What do you want for Christmas?

Disney Store Classic Ariel and Rapunzel dolls (and probably Anna and Elsa, too)
Calligraphy pen (which I will NOT get from my parents, but maybe a friend)
Paint set (which I will probably also not get, since the good ones are quite expensive)

I would really like tickets to a West End show (I went to one in August for the first time and now I just want to go back to London and another theatre), or TM #22, but I don't think I'll get those things either


I'm a banana, I'm Nikki! I'm 17 years old, and live in England. I love almost anything to do with the arts, as well as musicals (especially Phantom of the Opera and My Fair Lady), climbing trees, Disney, and the '70s! I'm a little bit crazy sometimes.;)

11/15/2018 4:30 AM  #4

Re: What do you want for Christmas?

Just over a week to go before the GOM decide who will win the "What Do You Want For Christmas Prize"
so get your entries in.


11/15/2018 1:47 PM  #5

Re: What do you want for Christmas?

What do you want for Christmas,chanukahanukai dunno how to spell it kwanza, whatever. Besides a tablet or a new CPU?


11/18/2018 2:50 PM  #6

Re: What do you want for Christmas?

So, what do you guys want to be when you grow up/finish college/etc?

If you finished college and school, what job do you have?


11/21/2018 12:29 PM  #7

Re: What do you want for Christmas?

A Christmas Tree for starters, would it be possible to decorate an existing tree model? I am no modder so I have NO clue as to what resources are available to you guys as of now.

Perhaps a crucified wolf?


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