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9/30/2016 9:39 AM  #1

What's Up?

The clouds! Lol! I'm Brooke, I am 9 years old. I'm homeschooled!  I LOVE ZOOTOPIA!!!   Oh oh oh oh oh, try everything!

Bye bye !


9/30/2016 10:12 AM  #2

Re: What's Up?

I'm a banana Ms. Judy Hopps


9/30/2016 10:15 AM  #3

Re: What's Up?

Welcome to the MB, Brooke! What sort of dolly are you? I've only seen part of Zootopia, but the parts were really good!

The cold never bothered me anyway

9/30/2016 10:23 AM  #4

Re: What's Up?

I'm a Truly Me #42!

     Thread Starter

5/03/2017 10:57 AM  #5

Re: What's Up?

It's me, JudyHoppsFan! I forgot my password so I made a new account


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