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1/25/2017 11:08 AM  #1

Keeper of the lost cities fanfic

Sophie was at Foxfire, in the girls restroom. She was thinking about Keefe as she hugged her knees and sat on the toilet seat lid. Her eyes were a bit watery. The bathroom door opened. From her point of view, she could see a pair of high-heeled boots and the tights of a fifth year. They click-clicked down the room. They clicked down to the end of the room, but did not go into a stall. Sophie didn't really want to become roped into something new, but she had a feeling she should investigate.
Sophie peeked over the stall wall, standing on the toilet. Obviously the girl thought she was alone in the bathroom. The girl placed her hand on the wall and uttered the words "Kendowail".
The wall creaked open, and a leapmaster came down a ways. "Wesonip" the girl said, and an strange crystal came down.
Instead of the usual transparent, flawless crystal that would usually lead to a place, it was a small, black square. It had dents and cracks in it. The pool of light was the same gray of a rain cloud about to erupt. The girl stepped into it, and leapt to wherever Wesonip was.
Sophie felt she should tell someone about the Leapmaster in the girls bathroom, but she wasn't sure it was too important. Than again, the Wesonip crystal had been very strange...
Without knowing what she was doing, Sophie walked out of the girls bathroom in a dizzy, woozy haze. Something told her that the girls actions had something to do with The Neverseem. She wanted to find out, but suddenly, she couldn't think, breathe, or move. She had cut Study hall to go to the bathroom, so the halls were empty. Sophie slumped to the ground.

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2/25/2017 11:47 AM  #2

Re: Keeper of the lost cities fanfic

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