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2/23/2017 2:58 PM  #1

Melody! :)

I'm getting Melody on Sunday, and I can't wait to make a thread about her, so this is a placeholder until then, lolXD

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3/02/2017 4:37 PM  #2

Re: Melody! :)

I saw that you got her! Can you do a review?

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9/15/2017 5:59 PM  #3

Re: Melody! :)

Ik this post is old XD. But that's cool! I got Melody on Christmas 2016, I renamed her Simone, which is my cousin's middle name and Simone's middle name is my other cousins first name. Just cause they are my favorite people :3. How do you like her? Melody is a cute doll, and I'm attempting to get the birthday outfit for her on her bday (New Years Day)


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