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3/29/2016 2:56 PM  #1

Hiya! I am NOT a banana! :P

Hiya, everyone! I'm Chloe. I'm ten years old. I love to write and read. I'm super dramatic, hyper, imaginative and outgoing. I used to be OrphanageGirl on here, but then I was adopted by MadCat (Madison) after waiting for two years! (literally.)

I'd love to be friends!

Though enchanting and bold, she's mysterious and sweet.
She has beauty to behold, and secrets to keep.

4/02/2016 7:54 PM  #2

Re: Hiya! I am NOT a banana! :P

I'm a banana, Chloe! Your profile picture is gorgeous!


9/30/2016 9:35 AM  #3

Re: Hiya! I am NOT a banana! :P

I'm a banana?


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