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4/19/2016 9:01 PM  #1

Me and Madi's collab story: The long journey.

Two years ago, Madi asked if someone wanted to do a collab with her. I said yes- so now we start. Just so you know what this story is about, it is in 1843, and a family migrates from Sweden to America. I am Ginger, 10 years old, and Madi is Hana. I don't know how old Hana is yet, but I know that she's Ginger's older sister. 😛
So now it begins!

~chapter one~ (in Ginger's POV)
It was a cold, windy day. We are boarding a boat today. The boat is taking us to a place called America, where we shall stay- forever. I am Ginger Peters, and I am going to the Americas on a boat with my mother, father, older sister Hana, and my younger sister, Anna. "Baten ar har!" Momma said. In English, that means "the boat is here!" Anna ran up ahead, and I lost sight of her through the crowds. "Anna! Kom tillbaka! (Anna! Come back). I raced through the crowds, weaving in and out like an eel. I caught sight of her, and grabbed her. "Anna! Du inte ska kora framat sa!" (Anna! You aren't supposed to run ahead like that!). I took her back to our family. They were anxiously waiting for us. "Anna! Ginger! Vi var fruktansvart oroliga! (Anna! Ginger! We were terribly worried!). We slowly made our way up the old wooden walkway and stepped aboard. We were finally on the ship! "Slutligen!" (Finally!). We went to the tiny cabins. There was many bunk beds with at least three people in each one, otherwise there wouldn't be half enough room! I ended up sharing a bunk with Hana and Anna. "Ginger, vanligen lunga dig." Hana said. (Ginger, please calm yourself down.). I set my rag doll, Martha, on the bed. A whistle rang through the air. The ship was leaving! "Hana, ar ente deta sa spannade?" I asked. (Hana, isn't this so exciting?"). She nodded, for she was never the talkative one. The ship swayed. We were leaving port!

Okay, Madi, your turn!

You can find happiness right where you are... and at the ocean.

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