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1/25/2014 6:05 PM  #1

*ahem* An Important Announcement..

Look it up on Google. (if you're allowed to, my mom dis this research) the comptuer screen is awful for eyes. That's the reason why my right eye sees things terribly blurry, really nearsighted. I might have to get glasses. I have to limit my screen time dramatically becuase my pet tiger nearly ate me and I def. dont' want glasses if I don't have to. (how can I do gymanstics with glasses, and contacts will probably cost a lot too.) 
I probably won’t be able to respond to each and every one of your comments on my website/blog individually now becuase my pet tiger nearly ate me and my mom researched and it’s the computer screen and electronic screens, basically, that really ruin kid’s eyesights. Especially if your eyes are still deveoloping, pro-longed use on a computer will strain your eyes, the computer screen have a glare, and since the computer is so up-close it's really bad. I won’t be on the computer as much as I used too, either. Don’t get my wrong, I’ll keep up with my website/blog regularly and probably check in on all doll blogs/MB’s once a week but I really want to get my eye vision back to normal.  [

I am going to take good care of my eyes. By taking breaks requently on the computer, and only spending less than an hour and a half a day on any screen at all. Eating the right foods for your eyes, too, like kale and carrots. (BLECK! KALE! ME NO LIKE NO KALE! GIMME A CARROT! XD) and staring at something far away once and a while so your eyes can get a chance to recover from that really up-clsoe computer glare.

The computer is good - but pro-longed use is TERRIBLE.

I want to take good care of the amazing eyes that God gave me, but at the same time, wanna keep up with my awesome friends and blog stuff and keep up with my computer skills that I have that are better than many adults. (how many ten-year-old girls know HTML codes to change the elements on their websites, and figuring out how to use a movie program (i'mvie) without their dad's help?)

So, I really want to say that You probably won't see me on here as often as I usually am. But I hoep you understand that I HAVE to make some changes. I rememeber one time i was reading a blog psot and the text started to get real fuzzy, And then a blue-sih copy of the text followed my eyes whenever i looked at somethign else. weird...I clsoed one eye sand trying to swuint to see if I coudl read the text any better, but everything was wacky. 

THAT'S when I know the computer is really screwing up my wonderful eyes that God gave me and i need to take a break.

So.....yeah....please udnerstand...ILY guys so much and I ask this one thing of you guys....please don't ruin your eyes while you're still young. Try to spend a little less time on the computer and eat a carrot for me. 

(madcat, madi, Madison, MadiCati, lightingbust, various usernames on various websites...XD)
(trying to look at the keyboard as much as possible so please excuse any spelling mistakes and typos. I looka t the screen very often to make sure there's nothing completely misspelled but i'm no gonna be perfect)©-Madi-Grace-Ministries.jpg
I'm Madi! I'm a professional blogger, YouTuber, 
minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and devil butt-kicker.
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2/02/2014 11:49 AM  #2

Re: *ahem* An Important Announcement..

yeah i have a 3ds which doesnt really hurt my eyes (i never use it in 3d) i can change the brightness and its usally like a level 3 or so

Live life to the fullest <3

2/09/2014 11:08 AM  #3

Re: *ahem* An Important Announcement..

Madi, Tell Molly that I have a list of blogs that aren't posting, and if you have to quit yours, it'll be okay! I'll just add to the list.

Hiya! I am ViVi! Or Violet! I am a cat! I love everyone!

9/04/2014 7:58 PM  #4

Re: *ahem* An Important Announcement..

Never mind about this. I have glasses now anyways. XD©-Madi-Grace-Ministries.jpg
I'm Madi! I'm a professional blogger, YouTuber, 
minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and devil butt-kicker.
Check out my website,!
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9/05/2014 7:27 AM  #5

Re: *ahem* An Important Announcement..

Very funny, Madi;)

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