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5/05/2017 1:59 PM  #1

Life at the AGPO by Alison Grant

Heya, It's Alison again, remember I said I was going write about my life here? Well, here's Part I!
Life at the AGPO

May 5th, 2017

       It's really hot down here in Tennessee today, the matron wakes us up and says "Wake up and come down for breakfast!" So I put on my Lace Top and Pink Skirt and head downstairs for breakfast, we get to eat pancakes and bacon today, YES!!! My favorite breakfast meal of all time. I’m the first person to get downstairs. I say a little prayer over my meal “Dear Jesus, thank for the food you provide me with and help me to get adopted soon, Amen” Then I gobble up my food like I haven’t ate in weeks. Then I put my plate in the sink and went to start my schoolwork.As I started to open my laptop for school, I seen I had 2 emails, I checked who they were from, #58….that meanie, she’d put dog poo on the floor near my bed once once, I’ll never forgive her. 

From: #58
To: Alison
Subject: Spanking
Oh Alison, you are a complete I-D-I-O-T, I'm telling the matron that you put dog poo near my bed.

I gasped in disbelief as I read it, she put dog poo near my bed, I didn't do that! I reported her email to the school's system and she resent an email with a lot of curses, I simply did't let that hurt me and just reported that too. Than the matron came in "#58, you are to come with me!" When the matron dragged her by the hair #58 mouthed to me "You'll pay for this"


7/09/2019 1:07 AM  #2

Re: Life at the AGPO by Alison Grant

Speaking as someone from Washington, Id prefer northern California as well Think that would be less expensive rent than the LA area too?


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