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9/13/2014 6:49 PM  #1

Awesome AG Ebay finds!

There was a thread like this on the AGFMB, and it really helped doll collectors purchase stuff!  I was checking out ebay earlier, and you guys have to see this!!!!!!!
(The pic won't appear -___-)

So it's a WHITE BODY SAMANTHA!  her entire boxed book series, her meet outfit, winter outfit, lace pinafore dress & roselet circle, party dress, pink kimono & slippers, nightgown, meet shoes, PC doll hairbrush, white bloomers and hair ribbons!
ALL FOR $150!  It has 0 bids right now, but if you don't want to bid, you can just go ahead and buy it all for $260.
So, I hope this okay if I do a thread like this, Marcia! And feel free to request a doll, and I'll search ebay and give you some good deals! :D

9/13/2014 9:04 PM  #2

Re: Awesome AG Ebay finds!

Can you find Mini Emily buy-it-now NIB cheapest price possible? My little brother wants to buy her for me but there's no way we're paying this ridicoulous price of $150 on Amazon for A MINI DOLL.

9/13/2014 9:06 PM  #3

Re: Awesome AG Ebay finds!

SORRRRRRRY I thought I was in my account (madcat) didn't know I was in my doll's!

9/13/2014 10:18 PM  #4

Re: Awesome AG Ebay finds!

I hope it's ok for me to help find stuff too, Hope!

Ok, for mini Emily:
Theres this one for $17.99 bid plus 1.93 shipping; she doesn't come with box or book, but seems to be in good condition

Then there's this one for $44.99 Buy it Now or best offer plus  $5.99 shipping (which I still think is a lot for a mini doll  . . She is in box with book; she's never been taken out although the box has been opened.

Hope this helps!

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4/24/2016 8:48 PM  #5

Re: Awesome AG Ebay finds!

I found a 2002 18" Kaya doll for...

Drumroll, please!

FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!!!! Agsflrhmuinibhvyg! Since I am TERRIBLE at linking, I can't link to it, but I'm not making it up, it totally exists! However,  It's a bidding doll, and it ends next Sunday at 9:00 PM! So if you want her, get her NOW!!! I would buy her myself, but I'm saving for #56! 😕

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4/25/2016 7:01 AM  #6

Re: Awesome AG Ebay finds!

If you want the Kaya doll search:
18" Pleasant Company American girl KAYA doll Native American Indian EUC
********END OF UPDATE**********

You can find happiness right where you are... and at the ocean.

8/27/2019 8:00 AM  #7

Re: Awesome AG Ebay finds!

I have found Hello-Hello Spanish as one of the best Playbook app, its a app for learning easy Spanish language. But this apps graphics and content is awesome.


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