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2/09/2014 4:13 PM  #1

What I saw at Target

OG dolls Juliet Alehandra (can't think of other 2)
H4H Girl dolls Shola Mosi Lauryce
Mini Isabelle
AG books

I got mini Izzy and her 1st book. The rest of the stuff I got was not doll related.

I'm a banana peeps! Rebecca,Saige,+the minis is my dolls account.I'm 10. I got Rebecca for Christmas and mini MG for my birthday.I am S.W.A.G. as well as my doll Saige.(Super White And Ginger)

9/11/2014 10:38 AM  #2

Re: What I saw at Target


I'm Lia! I am obssesed with AG, Taylor Swift, Elsie Dinsmore, Harry Potter, LOTR and the Hobbit, Batman, Warrior Cats, lions, and the Lion King. I have 4 dolls (3 AG and 1 Life of Faith): Kit Kittredge, Ruthie Smithens, Talia (My American Girl) and Elsie Dinsmore. I like using smileys.

4/07/2016 1:53 PM  #3

Re: What I saw at Target

How come my target never has all that stuff?

You can find happiness right where you are... and at the ocean.

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