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4/25/2016 10:23 AM  #1

I'm Back!

Well, I logged onto this site for the first time in goodness knows how long tonight. Turns out I haven't been on here since I was fourteen!
I am now sixteen and in my second last year of school (I'm a high school senior now). I still love my dolls, in fact as of January I now have 18 dolls (all different brands).
For those of you who truly don't remember me and don't know who I am, I was once an active member back in 2014. I am also the only Australian member here! Thanks to the various trials and tribulations of life, I forgot about this message board. I was still an active member of AGHomeschool, AGCollectors and AGPlaythings during that time.
Some may remember me as being the Sarah Blasko/Savage Garden obsessed fourteen year old girl. I am no longer fourteen, and not as obsessed with them (I still do like them though). I'm now very much an old fashioned girl, who LOVES Australian history. Through my dolls I educate overseas collectors about Australia, its history and geography. So far, I have a doll to represent every state but Australian Capital Territory.
My half yearly exams start in a day, so I'll try my hardest to be present here. It will be lovely to become reacquainted with all of you again, and maybe meet some fresh faces!

I'm Erin. I'm 16, in Year 11 and live in Australia! My obsessions are dolls, music, Australian television and antique books! I can't wait to find out more about you! ~Erin

4/25/2016 7:15 PM  #2

Re: I'm Back!

I'm glad that you're back, even though I didn't join till this year! The board is kinda dead right now (No offense Manta) but we can bring it back to life!

You can find happiness right where you are... and at the ocean.

5/19/2019 7:55 AM  #3

Re: I'm Back!

I know a great many people who are very unhappy.

To many this is a giant step back to a painful era.


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